HFN Academy

The HFN Academy offers various courses to its clients for their PE portfolio in 2023. The topics are in line with current trends and, of course, meet the competencies required by the NBA (professional knowledge, skills and attitude). Additionally, various debates on current topics can be attended. HFN Academy collaborates with StudioAms to provide these offerings.

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Since 2021, a new PE structure has been implemented for all Registered Accountants (RA). From that point forward, the continual updating of each individual’s professional competence is recorded in an individual PE portfolio.

The PE portfolio consists of two parts:

  1. Project Plan (to be submitted by 1 April):
    • Description of your role(s): State your job title(s) and describe the tasks and responsibilities associated with each role. Specify the expected outcomes for each task. Also, mention any standards or regulations that apply to the results.
    • Description of your learning objectives: When defining your learning objectives, focus on three different types of competencies: technical knowledge, skills and attitude. A learning objective represents the desired outcome of your learning activities.
    • Description of the PE activities to be undertaken to achieve your learning objectives. For example: participation in and development of a course, e-learning, peer coaching, webinars, mentoring with experienced colleagues, self-study, etc.
  2. Evaluation (to be completed in the 4th quarter):
    • Description of the learning activities actually undertaken.
    • In the 4th quarter, evaluate your plan: what knowledge, skills or attitudes have you acquired or enhanced this year, and how do you notice or apply these in your professional practice?

Please note that this translation is provided for informational purposes and may require further review or adaptation, depending on the specific context or guidelines provided.