HFN Executive

The leading Executive search firm for the financial industry 

HFN Executive serves as a sounding board for executives, management, and supervisors in filling financial positions at the senior level. We engage in conversations with you to understand the steps you and your organization want to take. This requires a specific candidate. That’s where HFN can make a difference. By leveraging our specialists, we create a profile and take care of all the concerns. We utilize our extensive network of Finance Professionals and a team of senior searchers. We specialize in financial positions starting from €130,000 per year. Our clients include Aramco, KPMG, ING, EY, de Volksbank, Quadrum Capital, Deloitte, ATB Bank, and Crown. If you would like to have a non-committal discussion about a position to be filled, please contact us at 020-261 7677 or via office@hfn.nl

Our approach

Step 1: Intake

Arguably the most important step. During discussions with two of our partners, we immerse ourselves in the company culture, organizational objectives, and challenges. With our finance background, we can ask relevant questions and provide suggestions regarding future developments in the areas of Risk and Compliance.

Step 2: Job profile

After comprehensive orientation, we compile all relevant information into a detailed job profile. We describe the current situation within your organization, the candidate’s tasks and responsibilities, as well as the required hard and soft criteria. Upon your approval, this job profile forms the basis of our search.

Step 3: Search

The most suitable candidate is often not actively seeking a job. Through market and candidate mapping, we identify where the most suitable candidates can be found. We find these candidates through our own professional network and by leveraging our specialized searchers who have a deep understanding of the market.

Step 4: Long list

Based on the jointly determined hard criteria, we make an initial selection and present 8-15 individuals who meet the requirements.

Step 5: Short list

After evaluating the long list, we invite approximately 5 to 6 individuals for an in-depth conversation with a partner from HFN. Based on these discussions, we then present 3 to 4 candidates.

Step 6: Selectie 

For each candidate we present, we create a report with impressions, observations, strengths, and areas for attention. You can use this report as input for your conversation with the candidate. If desired, we can act as a sounding board to support you in making a decision.

Step 7: Package Negotiation

HFN serves as the intermediary between the client and the candidate. If desired, we can provide advice on the package to be offered and play a role in the negotiation process.

Step 8: Executive Coaching  

We offer our clients the opportunity to have candidates coached by one of our Executive Coaches during the first year of employment. This provides an external sounding board and coach who ensure that both the company and personal goals are monitored.


Executive Coaching

A proper onboarding process is crucial at the start of any new job. Research shows that the initial period in a new job is crucial. A new position in a new organization demands a lot from an individual. On one hand, you want to actively observe, get a feel for the culture, the people, and the dynamics. On the other hand, there is pressure to act decisively. The organization also needs to adjust to the new colleague. They are coming from a different environment, and often, there is an adjustment to a new leadership style. HFN has a network of professional and independent coaches who are senior executives with extensive work experience in the financial world. They guide the recently placed candidate with advice and act as a sparring partner for.