Interim Financials

Are you looking for an interim finance professional?

We have a wide range of professionals (RA’s/RC’s/RE’s, quants) with expertise in areas such as IFRS, US GAAP, SOX, COS 3000, Basel III, ERP implementations, and specialist industry fields including financial services, trade, industry and professional services. HFN has successfully completed hundreds of assignments in recent years. Contact us to discuss with one of our financial experts how we can assist you. You can also read our whitepaper on the utilisation of a ‘liquid workforce’.

A strong network

Through our contemporary business collaboration, we can work with fair and transparent rates. HFN acts as an independent party that advocates for the interests of both the client and the interim manager. We do not have a sales organisation of bonus-driven consultants focused on quick wins. Instead, we have a powerful network of finance professionals who support each other, backed by an experienced back office to ensure smooth operations. HFN connects and strengthens independent financial professionals, offering organisations the opportunity to tap into this network.

Our unique approach:

  • Intake is conducted by an RA to accurately determine the requirements.
  • Within 24-48 hours, we introduce one or more suitable candidates.
  • HFN thoroughly screens all introduced candidates.
  • Objective and independent advice on candidate selection and rates.
  • Our professional back office handles invoicing, purchase order numbers, PSA’s, etc.
  • Immediate replacement in case of non-availability of the interim professional.

If you need immediate assistance, support and expert advice from a financial professional, please email, and we will contact you directly.


For interim professionals

HFN has a large community of interim financial professionals. The majority of our members have a postgraduate degree and/or specialise in finance functions. The network grows organically, with new contacts typically joining through referrals. This network’s strength lies in its connections. If you are currently employed and considering a career as an interim financial professional, please take a look at our  toolkit.

Introductory meeting

If you are interested in joining HFN, we invite you to an introductory meeting. We are curious about your work experience and, more importantly, your ambitions. During the meeting, we will also provide you with information about how HFN can support you.

Online questionnaire

After the introductory meeting, if you become part of the network, you will receive a link to an online questionnaire. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Consider it as a supplement to our earlier conversation, allowing us to gain more in-depth knowledge of your skills and profile. Through the online questionnaire, you can provide a comprehensive description of your profile, enabling us to approach you for suitable assignments more efficiently.

Staying informed about new roles and the referral program

As an HFN member, you will receive regular email updates regarding our learning and development programmes and events. We also share new available roles and positions via email. If you come across candidates suitable for a role that does not match your own profile, you can introduce them to us. In the event of a successful match within your network, you will receive a €1,000 referral fee for an interim assignment. Additionally, if a former client approaches you for an assignment but you are not available, you can share the opportunity with the HFN network. For a successful match, you will receive 5% of the hourly rate.

Learning & development program

As an interim professional, it is important to continue your development, both in terms of technical expertise (e.g., technical professional education) and personal growth.

A successful independent professional not only focuses on the current assignment but also considers the expertise required in the future and how to remain a valuable professional. Through HFN, you can access various PE certifications.

What types of assignments does HFN have?

We always share new assignments or roles via email. The range of roles can be specified into three types:

Regulatory projects: Changing laws and regulations are a constant factor in the financial sector. HFN has teams working on regulatory projects at various major banks through the Big4 firms. Examples include the interest rate derivatives projects and the IBOR transition.

Individual assignments: HFN primarily works for the Big4 and large financial institutions. If these parties have a need for temporary financial expertise support (internally or with clients), we connect them with the two or three most suitable profiles from HFN’s network.

Assignments via members: Assignments also come from within our own network. If a non-available HFN professional is approached by a former client, they can share the role within HFN’s network. Upon a successful match, the member receives 5% of the hourly rate.

This means that HFN has a diverse range of clients, including the Big4, large financial institutions, FinTech, multinationals and family businesses.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a call or meeting.