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"Access to a unique network of qualified Finance, Risk, Compliance, Tax & Legal and ESG Professionals"

You want to hire the best financial professionals in the market. Preferably quickly, but above all, effectively. Because the match has to be right in every aspect. Whether your company is growing, innovating, digitising, internationalising or scaling, you are looking for professionals who make an impact.

HFN specialises in Executive Search, Interim Management, and Executive Coaching.

We have an extensive worldwide permanent network of top financial professionals. These are specialists in the field of Finance, Risk & Compliance, Tax & Legal and ESG>

Our specialist team of consultants and advisors has in-depth knowledge of the current market, ensuring we can identify and onboard the right financial professional. The intake process is always conducted by a Registered Accountant with expertise in the relevant field.
With our Executive Coaching programme, we ensure that even after the onboarding process, the financial professional receives guidance from one of our Executive Coaches. This is designed to support the candidate's further development and increase the probability of long-term success.

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HFN Executive is the sounding board for executives, management, and supervisors in the financial sector. With our in-depth knowledge combined with an extensive network in the financial/legal world, we provide organizations with the most suitable candidates in the market. We specialize in senior management positions in the domains of Accounting, Financial and Non-Financial (regulatory) Reporting and Risk Management, Compliance, Treasury, and (Internal) Audit.

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HFN is a platform for independent Finance Professionals who want access to the best assignments, clients, training, and support. Members of HFN are independent professionals who value skill development, staying up-to-date with knowledge, awareness of attitude and behavior, and contributing to an active social and professional network.

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